Oracle Cloud Trial

For many years if you wanted to try any Oracle technical software you could download it from The situation has not changed for on-premise software but, unless you have been hiding for the last year, the world has moved on. Cloud is the word.. Oracle can clearly not give everyone who used to download software from OTN access to software in the Cloud. It costs and someone has to pick up the tab. I have raised this issue with Oracle at various events. I think we have reached a compromise with 30 Day Oracle Cloud Trial licenses being made available. If Oracle wants the thousands of Developers to continue to promote their software, then access to developer software in the cloud is needed. Thomas Kurian discusses a new Developer program in a short video here.

Go to the all new and sign up for a Cloud Trial. You will never get the time to look at all the software you are given access to in the 30 day period – though I suspect you can sign up for another 30 days. I signed up for the Oracle Public Cloud Service giving me access to all of the following:-

Oracle Database Java Compute Developer
Database Backup Storage Application Container SOA

Now that is a large bundle in any language. I quickly received access to the provisioned systems, certainly way quicker than some software installs I have attempted!I

I now have access to the following Oracle Cloud Trial software:-

  • Oracle IaaS Public Cloud Services:
    • Oracle Compute Cloud Service
    • Oracle Storage Cloud Service
  • Oracle Java Public Cloud Services:
    • Oracle Application Container Cloud
    • Oracle Java Cloud Service
    • Oracle SOA Cloud Service
  • Oracle Database Public Cloud Services:
    • Oracle Database Cloud Service
    • Oracle Database Backup Service
    • Oracle MySQL Cloud Service
  • developer17087 (Trial Developer Service)


Obviously no Oracle Forms, but enough to chew on. Next step is to try things out and report back..